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Well, ^w^ I love all things that have to do with are or fine art so it could be any thing really, Literature, Music, Paintings,Poems, Plays/musicals, Ballet, and fashion. About a year ago I fell in love with Lolita fashion and I bought my first brand dress from Metamorphose Ever since then my closet has been getting filled up with beautiful cloths and accessories. I still love my VK cloths although I don't wear them as much any more. Visual-kei music has been my life up until this summer, I decided to go in to fashion to create wonderful dresses and VK fashion. I Finally got to meet one of my heros: Kamijo about a month or lets ago It was great being able to shake hands with him and seeing him preform. I am still waiting to meet my #1 hero Asagi of D but I still don't know how long it might be till I see him. Hopefully it will be this summer. A few months ago I also fell in love with Takarazuka and long to see the preform. My favorite Lolita brand is Angelic pretty I wish to have as many dresses by then as I can afford. But first on the agenda is getting a better job because Taco Bell...just ant cuttin it, But tis the season so *crosses fingers in hope to get a seasonal job that pays well*.

Thanks for reading,
Rose Prince/Princess Kaito xD