Oh boy it has been a long time and alot of things have happned in the pased month

Hey, too those few who read my journal. My like has been crazy the past month and a half u.u. It first started in early december when I found out If I don't get A on all of my collage finals I was doomed to repeat the course. So I stayed an extra 2-3 hours every day I had school to do my final. Mind you I wasn't driving most of the day's So I took the bus home at night, and let me tell you the wiered people are at night :P.

Late December roles around and my parents are having marig issues. I am just thinking to my self wonderful this is great -_-. My father every day got ticked off at me for something small I did and then he would scream his head of for a bout an hour and a half because he didn't like the way I did something or I left a wrapper on the counter.

Ok so early January My father is still getting ticked off at me for small things. That is not even the worse of it. My mother finds out that my father was tolking to another woman and just got up an left in the middle of the night. I got woken up at 12 noon that day by my mother sobbing on the phone.

Me: "mom whats wrong are you ok?"
Mom: "I have to leave for a couple of day's"
Mom: "Don't worry about it"
Me (I keep pressing the subject until she tells me)
Mom: "your father betrayed me and he is a Fucking lire" (she went on cursing my father for about 15 minutes on the phone with me)
Me: " I get that he lied to you mom, but he is still my dad"
Mom: "I love you and I will see you in a few day's"
Me:"Yea, ok love you too"

My parents are very childish sometimes I acted more mature than them u.u.
 So When I get home that night my father is in hysterics. He didn'e want my mother to just pick up and go like that. He wanted to leave peacefuly. I just talked to him and comfort him a bit. As it turns out my mother has been sending him hate text messages all day. I try to call he up and reason with her but all she did was repeat her self lover and over again. She wouldn't even give me the time of day. My father also told me that my mother had smashed all the pictures they had to gether on there bed. In my mind "Wow, mom is really childish" I mean you can't change the passed they loved each other my father as he puts it, he is just not "in love" anymore. My mother is thretening to leave for Florida. Again I call her up and try to reason but she wont even have it. My Aunt Dian calls me and I ask her to please keep my mother under control.

Yes, there is still more. My Aunt Dian convinces my mother to stay. and My mother agreed she would only if she got the house. This was a huge problem for me because my mother only makes about 400 a week and that is not gonna pay for all our bills and food. Either way that is what happened.

So a few days later I am out with a few really good friends and I come home with Alexi's (one of the friends) and we just dick around. I let her cut my hair (its too short u.u) and then in the middle of cutting my hair my brother and father bombard in to the house crying and tell me my mother is in the hospital

Me: *jumps up* "WAIT WHAT!"
Dad: "Your mother is in the hospital"
Me: *strating to freak out* "Why"
Tyler: "When she was sleeping we couldn't wake her up"
Dad: "Cathy came over (moms friend) too see how she was doing and relized they couldn't wake her up. They even tried slapping her in the face and pouring cold water on her"
Me: "Ok, but whats wrong"
Tyler: "Mom overdosed on Xanax"
Me: *freaks out* the a whole bunch of curses and "what was she thinking"

So my mother is in the hospital knocked out for a few day's. She gets home and she is still all groggy. We find out that she has been addiced to anax for the passed 2 years now. Ever since on of my older brother's whet to jail for 6 months. And the Dumb ass docter who just wanted to make money kept prescribing them to her. Whatever ok, My Mother agreed that if my father came back to the house that she would go to counseling. My father explains to me that one of the reasons why he felt out of love with her was be cause she would always drink and get shit faced in the mean time it was her taking xanax and having a half a glass of wine and getting shit faced.  So she really wasn't an alcoholic like we all first thought.

Ok so a week passes and all the with drawl symptoms are gone or so we thought. So a week and a half later I am sleeping and some one starts screaming "HELP CALL 911" around 11 noon. I get my ass up and rush to the den. I see my mother hunched over in my grandmothers arms having a seizure.  I am again freaking out. We also had painters that day painting the ceiling so I call my father and I have the painters call 911.

Long story short my mother stays in the hospital for a few days gets check out every thing is ok. The with drawl symptom was late. And now my mother is back at home and doing fine...Yay haha ^^. But may father still gets ticked off at every thing I do.

I got a hair cut and an update on my life

So I recently cut my hair and am trying different parts I am gonna post photos so tell me which one is better, ok?:3. I think I may want to go for a shorter choppier look. I am also thinking about going dirty blond after I cut it.

I want to buy a pair of under rim glasses. I think that may may be able to enhance my look sometimes. X-mas is nearing and my father has been sending me out shopping to buy stuff for my mother that is from him xD. I am not even sure if I am really good at shopping for other people unless they like what I do, but I think I did pretty well so far. Today at the mall I was dressed in Lolita (AP Fancy Melody) and this little cute blond girl came up to me and asked me my name I told her it and then she told me hers. She stared showing me the make up she bought her self it was absolutly so cute. Then She asked me my name again and after I tolder her she asked me "Why isn't your name Cinderella?" I giggled at how sweet it was. She liked the sparkles on the dress and kept touching it ^^.

I also recently got a package With a new Alice and The Pirates shirt, a Putumayo turtle neck and sweat shirt, and A Black Peace Now knit Sweater. I am very happy with all my purchases. My favorite piece has to be has to be My new AaTP shirt. I almost have a full coord for it I just want a new pair of knickers. I wanna go for something with a but more lace.

My AaTP shirt

School is very busy. I have many projects. Some times I wish I was still in High school, haha ^-^. I am curently working on a bathing suit collection. It's...um well a balence of hard and soft When I get around to putting up pictures I hope every one will come to love it :).

My Birthday is in a few day's (7th). I am not sure if what I want to will happen, but I hope for the best. I either want to go to the zoo or the Vanderbilt Musium/Planetarium. I will be very happy with either of them, which ever one my friends want to go to more. I am hoping for a new pair of creepers from my birfuday :3.

Ahhhhh...I think that is it, haha ^w^. I really like were my life is going and I hope it continues that way :3

What part is nicer :3?

I went Pumpkin picking :3

I went Pumpkin picking. It was so fricken fun >w<. We had an Amazing time me and my friend Kiki. We eat A LOT, haha. We had hot dogs and apple good's I am really fond of candy apples so I had quite a few of those :3, Kiki had a lot of the apple cider doughnuts. I still think they tasted just like cinimon ones xD. The animals there were so cute ;w; like it was unbelievable. I was really fond of the piggy's with there snouts covered in dirt...it made me squee like a girl haha xD.

I am getting my car tomorrow too. It is a 1198 Black mustang with a sick nasty sound system and racing seats, and a carbon fiber hood -w- I am gonna look so funny and hot in it all at the same time xD.

My package of stuff came in. I am so happy with what I got I am in love with BPN currently and I am planning on getting a boy style  winter coat from them once I get the money, haha.
School is going ok too :/. I really don't wanna be in my math class though, but that is because I hate math.

I have came to the conclusion that I wanna go on a trip to Germany. Every thing about the country apeals so much to me. I love the buildings, food, people, style, language, it all makes me swoon. I wish I could go there sometime soon.

I got my tongue pierced. It didn't hurt at all, but it was sore for a few days but thats about it. I also cut the tails off my hair, I am kind of up set I did though ;n;. I digress though because it will grow back.

On to my pictures from the pumpkin picking :3
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This weeks entry :3

I have decided that I am going to try to post at least once a week...but we will see how that goes haha x).

So...I PASSES MY DRIVERS TEST! that means I can legally drive teehee. My Pop is gonna buy me a hearse. Most people would think it is morbid, but I really do think it is cool :/. I am gonna get a standard issue one but none the less it will still be really cool and work really well for cons and overnighting for concerts.
I have been shopping like a mad man too. I hate loving this style because it practically robs me blind haha xD. So as some of you might know I am turning half of my lolita wardrobe in to a kodona one. I have been trying to be good with buying boystyle stuff, but Angelic Pretty just kills me ;A; it makes me want to hog all the AP goodness. But I have been a good boy, I only bought 2 pairs of Angelic Pretty socks and then for the boy style I bought an Alice and the Pirates mini hat, a Putumayo bag, Fan Plus Friend knickers, and Black Peace Now neck tie.

   So I have come to the conclusion that my body type sucks. I can fit in to Brand name shirts just fine but when it comes to bottoms its like finding a needle in a hay stack. I happen to have hips and that just kills me when I am looking for pants. I found one pair of putumayo knickers that I want but they are so much money >n<

At this very moment I am jobless but hopefully I will have one this Friday :3 thanks to my lovely friend Mark. So I will buy lots of new thing after I have been working for a bit. Hopefully they wont be sold up out of all the good stuff haha xD But I am currently eyeing a Black Peace Now vest and coat, an Alice and the Pirates blouse, then a whole bunch of sweaters and hats from Putumayo :3.

My Older Twin brothers had there 30th Birthday party this weekend, I stuffed my chubby face to the brim with food and cake, did I feel good after the fact. No, but was it tasty, you bet  -w-. They are getting so old haha xD jk jk. I still love them. My one older brother does nothing but be mean to me just because I am different, He constantly tells me how I am stupid and tells me why can't I be normal. Granted some times I provoke it, but usually I try to be extemely nice and all he can do is call me a freak and tell me to get out of the room that he is in :/.

  I haven't bought any manga in a long time so I ham going to go out and buy a few this weekend because it occupies me when I have nothing to do haha ^^.

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Ok so here the deal I have been obsessing over Takarazuka for about a year...Here Is Takarazuka ina nutshell. Hot woman playing hot guys who are extremely talented and can dance and sing there buts off >w<. My favorite Otokoyaku  is NATSUKI MIZU!!!!!! *drools* If only I could meet her in real life ;n;. She is so wonderful on stage and has such a strong voice...*fans self* I am sorry I get fan boy moments when ever I talk about her, I get all crazy and start to scream LIKE THIS, haha ^^. She has a really different face and voice compared too all the other Otokoyaku and that is most likely why I like her so much.


Mizu Plays Der Tod (death) aka guy with the white hair. Would This be considered Yuri or Yaoi...Well WHO THE FUCK CARES ITS AMAZING! This number has to be one of my favorite pieces out of the play Elisabeth. So I hope you all enjoy.

Other than that I have been on an Ann Rice kick lately. I have loved her since the age of 10 but I have been forgetting about it and picking it back up for the past 7-8 years. My friend reminded me of it when when she told me I dress like the little boy that Armand keeps around..Ah the price of wearing Kodona xD.

Boy and Girl mode

 I just thought I would post close ups of girl and boy mode. I will re edit it so it had body shots, but right now you get this :D

Girl mode (still think i look like a boy in the face though xD):

Boy Mode:

Which one do you like better? xD

update on my life...since I seem to neglect you xD

So, I thought I would tell the few souls who read my journal about me and some friends starting vlog that we are creating. He haven't oficialy decided on a name yet but we are thinking along the lines of Chocolate ARK (Agnes,Rose,KaiKai) Or Crak tv...some thing like that haha. So it is basically us giving our opinions on things like movies,shows,video games,hentai, and what have you. We are also doing skits and such. We are...ugh....crazy to say the least. Oh and as some of you may or may not know I dyed my hair blond I have had blond at least 10 other times in the past 2 years but I am addicted to new hair and hair that looks good on me. I will show you the run down on my hair in the past month.



tiny ass pictrue xD

Black x Purple...ish it was Purple but then it faded xD:

Excuse the big ass pictures and high exposure...I am way to lazy for my own good.

I started collage a few days ago, majoring in fashion ^^. It is extremely fun and much better than high school. Ummm...Other than that i got sick for a long time during the summer, I am much better now though because I am getting more than 2 hours of sleep and eating more than 1-2 meals a day :/. Other than that not much has happened. I plan on selling some of my lolita clothes to help support my ouji and kodona wardrobe. I ave always viewed my self as male and I abandoned it for lolita. So I am taking it back I miss the time when people looked at me and knew that I was a boy. As you see in the last and first picture that is some of the few kodona items I have. In the first picture it is an Alice and the pirates vest and shirt and in the last picture it is and AATP shirt and body line jacket....OH AND i FUCKING FINALLY GOT NEW CONTACTS, AHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK YEA...FUCK YOU GLASSES!

Well good bye for now :D.

May Jasmine You live on forever through is soul

Some people might know that I work for tainted reality. But We suffered a Major loss today.  Jasmine You has passes away. When I first met Jasmine he seem in perfect condition he was just a lovely sweet man. I barely got a chance to really talk to him. Every body on the Versailles staff was running around to make sure every thing went over right and ever one tried their hardest.

It is scary to think that someone could just leave so soon. A talented man with so much to live for just got snagged away from us, pulled out right from under our noses.

All though Versailles was no longer on the Tainted Reality Label I still hoped to meet all of them again someday. Unfourchntly Jasmine was taken away. I guess god couldn't help but be selfish...wanting a beautiful souls like Jasmine's right next to him.

One of my most memorable times with Versailles actually has to do with Jasmine. Not matter how small it was I thought it was so sweet and cute of him. I was taking a nap on my hotel room bed around 5. As it just so happens I shared a room with Versailles make up artist so that room was all so the make up room. I believe Hizaki was getting his hair done in the bathroom and Teru and Jasmine were just sitting out side of it looking at the mirror and chatting waiting for their turn. As soon as he saw me get up even though it was mid day he said "Ohayo gozaimasu". It seems so small and not important to most people, but I thought it was so cute and sweet of him to say.

Jasmine You you will always live on.

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A small up date on my life.

So here is my life.....I think I am becoming an insomniac because I can never sleep. I love sleeping to and I used to have a talent for falling asleep anywhere (my specialty was movie theaters -w-). I don't know maybe it is just the summer and me not wanting to go to bed...ether way I still wish I could sleep more. I am currently hunting down  job...all though no one seems to want to hire me, maybe it is the hair...Idk. My funds arn't low I would just like to have one to show that I put effort in to things so people don't just think I get mommy and daddy to pay for everything. Most people don't realize what ever money I get goes to my clothes and events.
     My friend Kiki has been sleeping over for the past week and that is always fun....Oh and my pc crashed so I had to get a lap top. My father said I needed one for school anyways so he was willing to buy me one. It wasn't pink like I had wanted but hey I am not complaining xD.
   I am going school shopping for clothes so of course  this means LOLITA TIIIIIIMMMMMMME! Instead Of being an Angelic Pretty whore I decided I should try out other brand this year as well as bring up my punk/visual kei side that has been dormant for about 1 year now. Ever since I found out that I can get my hands on lolita easier than I though that has been all the clothes I have been getting....SO on ward with the clothes



Yup that is it so far. I still want more lolita though. I don't own a single skirt D:. I own lost of JSK's and OP's but not a single skirt. I think I am also in the need for new socks and more bloomers. I own 4 pairs of bloomers (2 black 1 pink 1 white) and Most of my socks are pink or have pink in them not even half of my closet has pink in it. I have maybe 3 dresses that really go well with pink haha xD....Oh and I need new bags I own maybe 4 (moi meme moitie bat bag, a white meta pouch, a pink swimmer one, and A unicorn back pack.